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Computer organization Notes

Difference between Encoder and Decoder

Encoder Decoder
Encoder is a combinational circuit that coverts 2n inputs into n outputs.Decoder is a combinational circuit that converts n inputs into maximum 2n outputs.
Encoder is also known as octal to binary or decimal to binary converter.Decoder is also known as binary to octal or binary to decimal converter.
Encoder does not have any enable input.Decoder has enable input.
OR logic gates are generally used for construction of Encoders.AND gates are generally used for the construction of decoders.
The encoder is a system that is used to make a code unreadable, so you can send it to someone and no one else can read it. The decoder translates the code so the person you want to receive it can read it.
Numbers of outputs are generally fewer than the number of inputs. Numbers of inputs are generally more than the number of outputs.
The purpose of encoder is standardization, speed, secrecy, security, or saving space by shrinking size.Decoding is necessary in applications such as data multiplexing, 7 segment display and memory address decoding

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