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A new generation of mobile construction waste crushing station - crushermachine2 - 18-05-2019

To say that the main problems facing Jilin Province during the urbanization development period must be the demolition of illegal construction projects. Behind the local demolition and demolition action, the number of construction waste has risen linearly. It can be said that the construction waste siege situation is beginning to emerge. In order to fundamentally solve the problem of garbage disposal left after demolition, Jilin Province began to explore the utilization of construction waste resources.
It is well known that in the process of traditional construction waste crushing station, transportation is an important part that cannot be obtained, and it is precisely in this link that dust pollution, traffic accidents, and sneak peeks are frequent. After seeing the current shortage of construction waste, Yonglong Machinery developed a new generation of mobile construction waste crushing station in the breakthrough of the traditional fixed construction waste crusher.
In a local dismantling site, Yonglong Machinery's mobile construction waste treatment equipment is working in an orderly manner. The waste concrete, bricks, stones and other construction wastes are first processed by the PJ crusher, and driven by the belt conveyor to enter the multi-layer vibrating screen, and a variety of recycled aggregates are formed according to the different particle sizes. These stones can be used as a substitute for gravel aggregates and are well received by the recycled building materials market.
With the support of the leaders of Jilin Province, small and medium-sized investors have also chosen to join the construction waste recycling industry. So what is the initial investment cost of such a whole construction waste treatment project? From the customer's point of view, the preferential offer given by Yonglong Machinery has won the trust of many new and old customers. If you are also interested in the construction waste video, quotation, etc., you are welcome to contact Yonglong Machinery's online customer service.