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Urwerk Replica UR-111C Gun metal watch - babyqi - 14-06-2019

[Image: Urwerk%20UR-111C%20Gun%20metal%20watch.jpg] 

URWERK (urwerk replica)is our favorite monochrome watch brand; Powerful design, innovative materials and amazing clock content. On our last trip to Paris, Monochrome, we had a chance to wear two Urwerk watches: ur-210 AlTIN and ur-202 White Shark in steel. Laurent Picciotto welcomes us in his Chronopassion Paris watch, the mekka, and explains everything about the ur-210 AlTIN and ur-202 white shark.
AlTIN ur - 210
Ur-210 is everything URWERK stands for, which means you can find all the DNA of Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei in a single clock. First, the shell is made of AlTIN, a special alloy of titanium aluminum nitride. And then, design. Honestly, it's one of the coolest things I've ever seen. The ur-210 doesn't look like any other watch in the watchmaking world. It's futuristic, clean, but highly sophisticated. Last but not least is the engine. Not only will you find amazing complex satellite display times, but you will also be able to display the winding efficiency of the last 2 hours. Frank has already told us about this complex process (see here), and it looks pretty amazing. More importantly, it's on the wrist. To be honest, I was surprised when I put the ur-210 on my wrist. When I first saw the ur-210 at a press conference, I was a little skeptical of the watch replicas material because it appeared to be "synthetic." I was wrong. Compared with steel, AlTIN feels very light. 

The surface is lightly textured, warm and feels soft. It's not like ceramic or titanium. You can feel its quality with it. Of course, the outcome of the case is shocking because it always relates to the URWERK case.

How watches work... There is actually only one "hand" to indicate time, and this hand consists of an hour hand and a pointer to the actual minute. This is called satellite complications. This is the point that points to 0 minutes, and the number of hours is 10. It's ten o 'clock sharp.
The time is printed on some "cubes" with three "arms" of cubes. Each cube has four sides, and each side has a number. The three arms with cubes rotate around a central axis. However, cubes with Numbers also rotate around their own axes.
On the left you can see the number 9, which is no longer in the hand. It's going to rotate around its axis, first toward where you can see the number 8. And then it will slowly move toward number 10. The cube with the number "8" will rotate by a quarter around its axis to produce a different number visible. It's going to be the eleventh.
When the "hand" reaches the 60-minute position, it releases the hour cube, best fake watches and when a retrograde hand moves to 0, it picks up a new hour cube.
Believe me, this show is great! The only pity is that this is a slow-moving complexity, and if it moves faster, it will be even more spectacular.

Of course, design is always very futuristic and technical. You might say, more opulent, perhaps, with a sparkling shell, a steel bracelet and moon phase and dial-up indicators of day and night? We agree that ur-202 is more refined and classic in design, although it is far from average. The great white shark is a naked version of the ur-202, with no decorations other than technical ones. The only color on the dial is a red hour number that identifies the number of each piece. You can't see it in the picture, but this is 11/12. 

On the dial, you can see a winding efficiency indicator, which shows the winding efficiency of the past 2 hours. It goes from green to red in the top left corner of the dial. Do not confuse this with a power reserve indicator! This new indicator does not measure the torque of the main spring, but calculates the difference between the consumption and the energy produced by the main spring. When you're not active enough, the pointer moves to the red area, which means your watch USES more energy than the rotor provides to the mainspring. On the other hand, if you move vigorously, the indicator shows up in the green area, indicating that the rotor provides more energy than the watch consumes. The ur-210 is a big watch, but it feels very comfortable on the wrist. Lightweight materials certainly help, as does a comfortable shape. Of course, you can't wear replica urwerk watches sale under the cuff, but who would want to hide such a fine watch?