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Short Questions for Computer Graphics

  1. What is Aspect ratio?
    The ratio of vertical points to the horizontal points necessary to produce length of lines in both directions of the screen is called the Aspect ratio. Usually the aspect ratio is ¾.
  2. What is meant by Addressability?
    The Addressability is the number of individual dots per inch (d.p.i) that can be created. If the address of the current dot is (x, y) then the next dot will be (x+y), (x+y+1) etc.
  3. What is a dot size?
    Dot size may be defined as the diameter of a single dot on the devices output. Dot size is also called as the Spot size.
  4. What is interdot distance?
    Interdot distance is the reciprocal of addressability. If the addressability is large, the interdot distance will be less. The interdot distance should be less to get smooth shapes.
  5. What is the difference between impact and non-impact printers?
    Impact printer press formed character faces against an inked ribbon on to the paper. A line printer and dot-matrix printer are examples. Non-impact printer and plotters use Laser techniques, inkjet sprays, Xerographic process, electrostatic methods and electro thermal methods to get images onto the papers. Examples are: Inkjet/Laser printers.
  6. What are the features of Inkjet printers?
    • They can print 2 to 4 pages/minutes.
    • Resolution is about 360d.p.i. Therefore better print quality is achieved.
    • The operating cost is very low. The only part that requires replacement is ink cartridge. 4 colors cyane, yellow, majenta, black are available.
  7. What are the advantages of laser printer
    • High speed, precision and economy.
    • Cheap to maintain.
    • Quality printers.
    • Lasts for longer time.
    • Toner power is very cheap.
  8. What are the advantages of electrostatic plotters?
    • They are faster than pen plotters and very high quality printers.
    • Recent electrostatic plotters include a scan-conversion capability.
    • Color electrostatic plotters are available. They make multiple passes over the paper to plot color pictures.
  9. Define pixel?
    Pixel is shortened forms of picture element. Each screen point is referred to as pixel or pel.
  10. What is frame buffer?
    Picture definition is stored in a memory area called frame buffer or refresh buffer.