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Internal Stylesheets

Advantages of Internal Style Sheet
Since the Internal CSS have more preference over Inline CSS. There are numerous advantages of which some of important are an under:

  1. Cache Problem: Internal styles will be read by all browsers unless they are hacked to hide from certain ones.
  2. Pseudo-elements: It’s impossible to style pseudo-elements and classes with inline styles. With Internal style sheets, we can style the visited, hover, active, and link color of an anchor tag.
  3. One style of same element: Internal styles need not be applied to every element. So if we want all your paragraphs to have the font family “Arial” you have to add an Inline style tag in Internal Style document.
  4. No additional downloads: No additional downloads necessary to receive style information or we have less HTTP Request
  5. It can control multiple occurrence of an element in a webpage.
Disadvantages of Internal Style Sheet
  1. Multiple Documents: This method can’t be used, if we want to use it on multiple web pages.
  2. Slow Page Loading: As there are less HTTP Request but by using the Internal CSS the page load slow as compared to Inline and External CSS.
  3. Large File Size: While using the Internal CSS the page size increases but it helps only to Designers while working offline but when the website goes online it consumers much time as compared to offline.

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