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Answer Key and Solved Questions Paper-3 UGC-NET Computer Science November 2017

11.Given two relations R1(A, B) and R2(C, D), the result of following query Select distinct A, B from R1, R2 is guaranteed to be same as R1 provided one of the following condition is satisfied.
A.R1 has no duplicates and R2 is empty.
B.R1 has no duplicates and R2 is non - empty.
C.Both R1 and R2 have no duplicates.
D.R2 has no duplicates and R1 is non - empty.
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12.Consider a schema R(A, B, C, D) and following functional dependencies.
A --> B
B --> C
C --> D
D --> B
Then decomposition of R into R1(A, B), R2(B, C) and R3(B, D) is ..................
A.Dependency preserving and lossless join.
B.Lossless join but not dependency preserving.
C.Dependency preserving but not lossless join.
D.Not dependency preserving and not lossless join.
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13.Which of the following is not a component of Memory tube display?
A.Flooding gun
D.Liquid Crystal
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14.Which of the following is not true in case of Oblique Projections?
A.Parallel projection rays are not perpendicular to the viewing plane.
B.Parallel lines in space appear parallel on the final projected image.
C.Used exclusively for pictorial purposes rather than formal working drawings.
D.Projectors are always perpendicular to the plane of projection.
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15.With respect to CRT, the horizontal retrace is defined as :
A.The path an electron beam takes when returning to the left side of the CRT.
B.The path an electron beam takes when returning to the right side of the CRT.
C.The technique of turning the electron beam off while retracing.
D.The technique of turning the electron beam on/off while retracing.
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16.Find the equation of the circle x2+y2=1 in terms of x'y' coordinates, assuming that the xy coordinate system results from a scaling of 3 units in the x' direction and 4 units in the y' direction.
A.3(x')2 + 4(y')2 = 1
B.(x'/3)2 + (y'/4)2 = 1
C.(3x')2 + (4y')2 = 1
D.1/3(x')2 + 1/4(y')2= 1
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17.Find the normalization transformation that maps a window whose lower left corner is at (1, 1) and upper right corner is at (3, 5) onto a viewport that is the entire normalized device screen.
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18.The three aspects of Quantization, programmers generally concerned with are:
A.Coding error, Sampling rate and Amplification
B.Sampling rate, Coding error and Conditioning
C.Sampling rate, Aperture time and Coding error
D.Aperture time, Coding error and Strobing
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19.The logic of pumping lemma is an example of ....................
C.the divide and conquer principle
D.the pigeon - hole principle
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20.Heap allocation is required for languages that :
A.use dynamic scope rules dynamic data structures recursion recursion and dynamic data structures
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