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MCQs DBMS|UGC-NET|GATE|Computer Science

21.The problem that occurs when one transaction updates a database item and then the transaction fails for some reason is ________.
A.Temporary Select Problem
B.Temporary Modify Problem
C.Dirty Read Problem
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22.Consider a schema R(A, B, C, D) and functional dependencies A → B and C → D. Then the decomposition R1(A, B) and R2(C, D) is
A.Dependency preserving but not lossless join
B.Dependency preserving and lossless join
C.Lossless Join but not dependency preserving
D.Lossless Join
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23.If D1,D2, ....Dn are domains in a relational model, then the relation is a table, which is a subset of
A.D1+D2+... +Dn
B.D1ΧD2Χ ... ΧDn
C.D1∪D2∪... ∪Dn
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24.Which of the following is not a type of Database Management System ?
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25.Manager&rsquos salary details are to be hidden from Employee Table. This Technique is called as
A.Conceptual level Datahiding
B.Physical level Datahiding
C.External level Datahiding
D.Logical level Datahiding
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26.A Network Schema
A.restricts to one to many relationship
B.permits many to many relationship
C.stores Data in a Database
D.stores Data in a Relation
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27.The relation “divides” on a set of positive integers is ________.
A.Symmetric and transitive
B.Anti symmetric and transitive
C.Symmetric only
D.Transitive only
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28.The “PROJECT” operator of a relational algebra creates a new table that has always
A.More columns than columns in original table
B.More rows than original table
C.Same number of rows as the original table
D.Same number of columns as the original table
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29.The employee information of an Organization is stored in the relation : Employee (name, sex, salary, deptname) Consider the following SQL query Select deptname from Employee Where sex = ‘M’ group by deptname having avg (salary) > {select avg (salary) from Employee} Output of the given query corresponds to
A.Average salary of employee more than average salary of the organization.
B.Average salary less than average salary of the organization.
C.Average salary of employee equal to average salary of the organization
D.Average salary of male employees in a department is more than average salary of the organization
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30.For a database relation R(a, b, c, d) where the domains of a, b, c, d include only the atomic values. The functional dependency a → c, b → d holds in the following relation
A.In 1NF not in 2NF
B.In 2NF not in 3NF
C.In 3NF
D.In 1NF
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