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MCQs DBMS|UGC-NET|GATE|Computer Science

31.Match the following : a.Foreign keys i.Domain constraint b.Private key ii.Referential integrity c.Event control action model iii.Encryption d.Data security iv. Trigger
A.a b c d iii ii i iv
B.a b c d ii i iv iii
C.a b c d iii iv i ii
D.a b c d i ii iii iv
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32.SQL command to delete a column from an existing table:
A.Alter table
B.Drop table
C.Delete table
D.Delete column
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33.With QBE, inserting records from one or more source tables into a single target table can be achieved by:
A.Append action query
B.Update action query
C.Insert action query
D.Make table action query
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34.Tuple in relational algebra refers to:
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35.An attribute or set of attributes within one relation that matches the candidate key of some(possibly the same) relation:
A.Super Key
B.Candidate key
C.Primary key
D.Foreign key
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36.A subset of data in a data warehouse in the form of summary data, related to a particular department or business function:
A.Meta Data
B.Archive data
C.Data Marts
D.Operational Data Store
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37.The normalization of 1NF relations to 2NF involves:
A.Removal of partial dependencies
B.Removal of full dependencies
C.Removal of transitive dependencies
D.Removal of multi-valued dependencies
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38.Why do we go for Normalization of Data Bases?
A.To avoid the repetitions
B.To prevent fragmentation
C.Avoid redundancy
D.To prevent replication
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39.if a relation is in BCNF then it is in:
A.2 NF
B.3 NF
C.1 NF
D.1 NF and 2 NF
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40.A file is: abstract data type
B.logical storage unit
C.usually non volatile
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